Maintenance Service

Our skilled employees will do every kind of home repair service for you, like patch, grout, and repair. We are here to do any home improvement job.
Take a look below to know what we specialize in and if you have any additional questions, get in touch with us. We will be delighted to answer any of your queries.

Plumbing Service

When any plumbing crisis strikes, you require a quick and dependable service from reputable licensed plumbing professionals. Primetone is ready for assistance; our experts will get the job done in minutes, whether a sewer clog or burst pipe.
In addition, we provide plumbing repair and installation; if there is a leaking faucet, unhealthy mildew or mold growth, or any other issue, our experts will take care of the job efficiently.

Paving Service

At Primetone, we know that a paved and organized area is a significant investment. We believe that Asphalt is the top material choice for paved spaces like parking lots and driveways. If you need a new paved area at your home, office, or industry, we are available to provide an efficient service.

Handyman Services

If you find the perfect handyman service to assist you around the house, you only need Primetone. We know that you may have a long list of odd jobs that need to be done around the home or office. So, our handypersons will be available to help you get those things done remarkably.

Electrical installation

Proper installation is a pretty essential component for the withholding safety of a home or building when it comes down to electrical installation and wiring. Sloppy wiring may result in some hazards, and you will not like this happening around your space. Primetone experts ensure efficient installation to decrease the chances of such accidents.

Interior Flooring And Carpeting Service

We offer both commercial and residential carpeting and flooring service. We provide a complete line of ceramic, laminate, carpet, vinyl, and hardwood flooring. If you want to turn your office or home into a high-quality and beautiful space, Primetone is ideal.

Roofing And Siding Service

Primetone is available to help if your roof needs repairs or it is damaged and needs replacement. A roof is the first defense against different natural elements like rain and sun, and it needs to be reliable and robust to have a good home or building. For this, Primetone is ready to offer high-quality service and materials to replace, repair, and maintain your roof.

Exterior Power Washing Service

Everyone wants their home to look the best, so why not consider our professional and efficient pressure washing service? Primetone experts will power wash your driveway, deck, siding, and other outdoor areas around your home to make the place look clean and tidy. Power washing will remove all the sediments, debris, and build-up dirt and make the space look beautiful.

Heating And Cooling Service And Installation

Primetone is here for maintenance and repair and installation and design of your office, home cooling, heating, hot water system, and air-conditioning services.

  • We are available to provide an efficient and quick service of fitting and designing the heating system for your space.
  • We all rely on hot water, and with Primetone, you will be provided with efficient hot water system installation and repair at the office or home.
  • Primetone offers air-conditioner installation service to ensure an excellent, healthy, and user-friendly environment at your offices and homes.