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Hi everybody, it’s Billy the Goat!

I’m so glad you’re here. Before you come along with me on this ride let me tell you a little bit about my story. A short while ago, I was born on a wonderful little farm up in the hills. And while I had a blast growing up there with my family and friends, I was itching for some adventure that I felt was beyond the fence and pasture. After staring off into the wild blue yonder, I decided to go on a little trip to Nashville and that turned into my journey through the South.

Back on the farm I had no idea there were so many cities to see and so many friends to meet out there, and so much adventure has come and will continue to come from the great cities of the South. So, I’ve decided to do a homage to all of the amazing cities I’ve explored, all the curious things I’ve climbed, and of all the amazing music I’ve heard. Plus, I can’t forget all of the amazing food, green pastures, and cans I’ve chewed. One of the most exciting parts of my journey is that there is no end in sight- it’s anyone’s guess where I’ll end up next or who I’ll meet next. Hope to see you there!!!

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Vision Statement

At City Billy our motto is “City Billy, there’s a little Billy in all of us” and we believe in helping all the little Billies out there. And because of that, we will donate a percentage of sales to a charity in every city that Billy the Goat visits.🐐